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My name is Hanna Kokovai

And I think that we all deserve to move on from our old stories of why we 'can't'...because otherwise we won't. 


I am a Certified Life Coach.
I dare women to live lives that are brag-worthy.
You can change your whole life using just your brain (even an anxious one will work!)!

Seem too simple? That's what I thought too! But guess what happened when I started un-f*cking my thoughts...I realized that choosing to think "it can't be that simple" was keeping things complicated. Suddenly my life began to change. See how that works?

I'm not talking about mantras or trickery. (Although I love me a good magic spell!)

I am talking about learning yourself. Being an observer of your brain's ability to determine how you feel through how you choose to think. Coming face-to-face with your humanity, with curiosity & compassion. Discovering that when we believe in possibility, then possibility is inevitable.


I struggled with anxiety & depression for most of my young adult life. I used feelings against myself and other people, and believed that I would always be fighting against myself. I chose to use food, alcohol, people, emotions and other addictions to avoid feeling. I second-guessed myself, used trauma as a crutch, avoided growth for fear of failure...

Turns out, the only way to peace is through the wild.

I learned to process emotion, let go of the stories that no longer served me, and opted into learning to harness my humanness instead of constantly lashing out against it. 

And through that process I found my life's work: showing other women that feeling amazing, confident and at peace is possible now. 

What I love:

  • Brave conversations

  • Boss questions

  • Unapologetic aliveness

  • Choosing love even when it feels like there might be a better option

What I know:


  • We aren't meant to be happy 100% of the time, and that's a good thing!

  • You are whole, right now

  • Being brave is a skill cultivated through willingness to fail & hurt a million times over

  • Anyone can choose to know deep joy


What I do: 

I help womxn like you to own their power over their experience. And I go first, always. It's not easy work. It takes guts to change. It takes even more to take responsibility. But I promise, your future self can't wait to celebrate all the hard things you choose to do. 

I am so proud of the work I get to do in this world. I hope you'll join me.


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