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UN-HEALED QUEEN: A Private Coaching Experience

Black Friday Deal*:
$500 discount

November 24th-December 1st

*DETAILS (please read carefully):

Only 3 spots are available at a price reduction and spots will be filled in the order of application.

Please read the information below to familiarize yourself with the specifics of a 1:1 Coaching program. 


How the $500 discount works:

You will choose a price tier from the Empowered Price Plan that most aligns with your current financial situation. Please be conscious of choosing a price point that truly reflects what you can afford.

You have the option to pay in full or pay in monthly installments over four months.

The $500 discount will be applied to the price point of your choosing as a discount on your FIRST payment. You will receive a special discount code to enter at checkout that will take $500 off your payment.

Again: the price tier you choose should be based on what you can truly afford, and then you will receive a code to discount that by $500 at checkout. 

To access the $500 discount you MUST FILL OUT AN APPLICATION BELOW and familiarize yourself with the details of the program offer. You will not be billed until after the application is reviewed by Hanna and you have corresponded to make sure all details are understood. 

Please do not submit an application if you have not read and understood the Empowered Price Plan.

To be eligible for this deal you must submit your application between Friday, November 24th & Friday December 1st. 

I am SO EXCITED to offer this deal. This is extremely special to be able to not only offer women power over their investment through choosing which price tier makes the most sense to their life now, but to give an ADDITIONAL $500 off. 

If you have been thinking about Coaching with me and were waiting for a good time to invest, it's now. 


If you have questions please contact me via email at 

I'm so sick of hearing about women who've "tried everything to heal" their lives...and feel fed up with how many tools, techniques, books, podcasts, energy work, yoni crystals and fucking mantras they have to do every day to get even one step closer to the life they want. 


It's time to take back our feminine urges, to play with life's messes instead of constantly trying to mend broken things, to feel FREE in the process of getting to where we wanna go. 

I welcome ALL UN-HEALED QUEENS to join me in a 1:1 Coaching Mentorship, designed to help you meet your future & reach your goals while remaining steadfastly your human self in ALL THE BEST WAYS. 

Being "fully healed" before you can...

attract the love of your life,

apply for your dream job,

feel totally confident in speaking your mind, 

get the fuck over your ex,

put anxiety into remission,

love the hell outta your body, 

be both soft & strong with your family,

get your creative ass in gear,

or anything else you want to do in this life,


I want to show you how being a Queen of Un-Healing is actually the best medicine for your broken bits. 


Un-Healed Queen is curated to your unique life. We will work together in the ways that make the most sense to your mind and body. 

I am all in on YOU. Let's go ALL IN together.


My private, one on one Coaching experience requires a high level of commitment and determination. 

You must be ready for real change which will require you to feel challenged and uncomfortable at times.

If you're tired of feeling out of control of your own emotions, life, or experiences, want to stop sabotaging yourself, curious about what's on the other side of all this difficulty...OR you are simply ready to GO NEXT LEVEL and build on a foundation of what's already great... get ready to do the work. I am here for all of it, and I can't wait to show you how you can be too.


I'm just gunna say it: you're wasting time trying to do it all yourself.


-A high level of support, accountability and challenge

-A safe space full of (tough) LOVE and NON JUDGEMENT for you to explore how brilliant you are right now

-Simple, boldly effective tools to help retrain your brain to work for you 

-Total control over your feelings and what you're getting out of life

-Mindset shifts that take your growth stratospheric

-Quality time, devoted to YOU developing the skills and awareness to reach your goals powerfully

-A transformation of mind and heart

-The completion of the parts of you and habits you harbor that no longer serve you

-Lots of laughs, and some tears

-The most evolution you've (n)ever experienced in your life!

-EVEN MORE than you expect

Private Coaching is conducted via Zoom conference, so please familiarize yourself with Zoom, declutter your space, and bring your focus to allow for a seamless transition into this high level of Coaching support. 

Transformational Coaching Programs include:

-4 months of partnership with weekly private 1:1 sessions, customized to your needs

-weekly takeaway "free play" suggestions to help you apply tools to your day-to-day

-private messenger coaching available 4 days per week via Slack

-lifetime access to the Portal, a private resources database stocked with masterclasses, workbooks, and teachings about everything from How to Feel Better, to How to Get Shit Done, To How to Have Great you can take these concepts on the go, and refer back to them any time you like.


-My commitment to honoring your highest self, challenging your growing edges with joy-injected guidance, and holding a safe space for you to explore your own mind

Total Investment: $4,444 


Click here to view options. 

Apply below.


You ready? Ok, here we GO. 

Private Coaching Clients are my most PRECIOUS and DIVINE connections. This means that our connection will be PRECIOUS & DIVINE together. We will go underworld-deep and other-wordly wide and beyond stratosphere high. It will be scary AND safe.

You still ready for that? Ok, I trust that you are here to get the work of your life, and that you will be open, ready to receive and invested in BEing yourself while we are together and out in the world. I trust you to trust yourself. We will play with the paradigms of your emotional spectrum, to turn pain into pleasure and sometimes back again.

STILL ready for this? Ok, I'm going to get personal & curious about what brought you here and why we are soul-sisters, aligned to do work together now. Your job is to be totally transparent.

4 Months of Private, close-proximity access is a 4-figure investment. 
Please only complete this application if you have read and understand your
payment options and if you are able to opt into one of the three Tiers available with excitement in the lead!

Are you ready to invest significantly in your own growth? Do you understand that private coaching is a 4 figure financial investment and requires your time, effort and commitment to get life-changing results?
Do you want to get on a consultation call before we go further

Thank you for valuing yourself in this way. I'll be in contact shortly.

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