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The Empowered Price Plan

A 3-tiered, pick-what-feels-great, class-equitable, payment model

Because the investment in changework shouldn't be your
"biggest transformation"

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Wanna listen to me jam on the Empowered Price Plan model?
I explain all the details in episode 78 of the podcast.

Empowering your money decisions IS part of my job. And I don’t mean by telling you to “just think better thoughts”.
Sure, sometimes we need someone to empower us by turning on the lights so we can look at where we are devaluing growth work by buying into our fear…
but lots of times, “I can’t afford that” is fucking TRUE. 
The Empowered Price Plan is available to all private coaching clients who would prefer to choose their own payment option. 
with 16 live sessions. 

This model gives you the opportunity to pick your own payment, based on 3 available Tiers:


Tier 1
Choose an aligned number within this tier if:

You can comfortably afford the things you want and have access to financial security, own property or have personal savings. You spend $$ on vacations at least yearly, buy coffee at the swanky coffee shop, attend festivals, concerts and dinners out. You are well-resourced and enjoy the classic self care splurges every now and again. You spend no time stressing about basics like food, health care, child care, etc. Your kids participate in paid extracurriculars and Fido enjoys trips to doggie daycare. Or maayybe you're child-free and fancy free, instead of saving up for your daughter's inevitable therapy bills, you can cash in on some mindset magic of your own. Most importantly, you are a badass.  
*This tier represents my full rate range and by choosing into this rate, you are doing your part to spread love & light, pay it forward and contribute to a more equitable world by supporting access to Coaching for those with less. 

Tier 2
Choose an aligned number within this tier if:

Your basic needs are solid: food, housing, transportation, but you sometimes stress about spending on non-essentials. You might have some debt to pay off or are just starting to build savings but you have access to steady income or a steady financial support system. You plan your own yearly vacations (who needs a fancy resort anyway?!), you stock your kitchen with those cute olive oils from TjMaxx, and deal with the roommate drama to save on housing costs. You might own or lease a car but may share with a partner or kid. Making this investment might mean you need to cut back on discretionary expenses like your monthly essential oil delivery (GASP!) or weekly cocktails but your sacrifices do not cause harm or long term stress. Most importantly, you are a badass. 

Tier 3
Choose an aligned number within this tier if:

You have access to basic needs but sometimes it feels difficult to keep up. You can save up for things that you want but it may take a while. You would likely qualify for sliding scale rates (ie: without a deliberate opportunity presented for you to access services like health care, mental health care, childcare, extracurriculars or even food acquisition, at a cost that is reflective of economic realities, you wouldn't be able to participate) and saving up for Tier 2 would take you longer than12 months. You are the queen of thrifting and brew a mean cuppa joe in your home coffee pot! Your nervous system did a little nauseating flip-flop when it saw those numbers but you've got grit and with a payment plan, it would be manageable--a sacrifice but not a hardship. (See the "Hot for a Payment Plan?" section below, hottie.)  Most importantly, you are a badass. 

Don't see yourself in any of these? Free resources like the Podcast and low-cost offers like the Anxious Queens Academy, or mini masterclasses are your jam!!

Investing in Life Coaching shouldn't feel like kissing with your eyes open. Like, trying to enjoy it but actually distracted af. Lame.
Saying YES, I'm IN should unlock the pleasure of full surrender, to close your eyes, lean in, feel that excitement quiver (almost barley distinguishable from anxiety, but something about it lets you know that it's a good thing) and REALLY get hot for the experience. 

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Already know which Tier is the perfect fit for you? 

Hot for a Payment Plan?

I am committed to creating a conscious, intentional and open conversation around investing.
In other words, let's stop pretending that everyone just has a casual $5,000 in cash caught in their vacuum tube and the dryer's lint collector. 
In other words, let's stop trying to solve our discomfort about real financial circumstances by spending more money and calling that a transformation.
In other words, let's un-shame the phrase, "I can't afford that" and start honoring it with actual solutions. 

It's not shameful to use payment plan options. It's EMPOWERED.  
Within each tier, you have EVEN MORE options. (Yeah, this is how we create epic authority & personal autonomy so you can lead yourself happily & safely into this experience. As it should be.)

You can opt to break down your investment into 4 monthly payments. The total cost will be paid in full by the end of our program container.

This gives even more flexibility to how much you can comfortably invest. 
Payment plans are opportunities to ask yourself: if I didn't have to pay ALL AT ONCE, what would my 100% commitment to self number be? 

If you'd like a payment plan, just lemme know!
The breakdown will depend on your all-in number. 

A note on payment plans: they are not "better" or "worse" than paying in full upfront for Coaching. It's a preference thing. 
Payment plans are kinda like romantic comedies; Some of ya'll go ga-ga for the quirky, montage-infested repeat storylines...and then some of you are just plain disinterested in sitting through 2 hours of Zach Efron making shirtless dad-jokes. To watch or not to watch? Your call! 
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Trust is my safe word 

I trust you to show up in integrity and honor this work by being honest about what price is most aligned for you now. My private clients are women who feel like a spiritual soul-sister match for me and for my work. You wouldn't be here if our souls were not equally horny for some intellectual intercourse...I trust you to keep it consensual. ;)

A few questions to converse with your inner-knowing about 
if you are still unsure about what price is MOST aligned for you now:

  • What number would necessitate a sacred sacrifice but keep me firmly planted in true safety?*
  • What number would make me feel like a total badass to energetically invest in myself? (Total badass= ego is fed by my ability to stretch AND my body is fed by my ability to continue to put actual food on my table)
  • Which Tier feels like a no-brainer, totally doable? What if I went up a tier and flexed a payment plan request?
  • If I took this number out of my bank account now, would I know with 100% certainty that that number would come back to refill that space at some point and I wouldn't have to suffer while waiting for it?
  • Should I throw an angel number in there just for funsies?!
I WOULD LOVE to talk this out with you on a call.
Part of killing off the stigma around money is to have more conversations about it in the light of day. Fear shrivels like a prune in the face of answered questions.

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*a sacred sacrifice is something that you might need to give up for a time in honor of your big desire to dive into this coaching work.


Sacred Sacrifices I've made in honor of big investments: opting out of a weekend getaway, keeping the old Iphone for an extra year, shopping at the discount grocery store, pausing my clothing subscription box for a few months, coloring my own hair, selling my car (only because we already have another and I don't need to drive to work).  Sacred Sacrifices do not threaten your basic needs of food, housing, transportation and do not create hardship. 

Ok one more time for the hottie on her smartphone drinking a fresh pressed green juice in the back: 
if you opt into a lower Tier than you can truthfully afford, it limits space for those that really need it. Your honesty about your circumstances helps this community of empowered women devoted to their growth to remain healthy & sustainable. 

Your willingness to get super creative, ask daddy for financial support, or make short-term sacrifices that don't actually compromise your safety makes you a snack-n-a-half in my book...and that, for the record, is my highest level of praise.


Ready to become a money shaman?

Your investment is a sacred transfer of energy that reflects not only a brave leap but a realistic grip on intersectionality. You are equipped to invest in Coaching in the way that both challenges and grows you while keeping yourself safe and cared for in the most basic sense. 

What to do now:

1. Return to the Private Coaching survey and fill it out!  
2. Do a little happy dance to celebrate yourself for making a truly empowered decision for your future. 
3. Look out for an invitation from me to chat further. 

The Empowered Price model was heavily inspired by Alexis J Cunningfolk who created this epic visual representation of the three tiers that I graciously borrow to further illustrate who is a match for each tier:
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